In short form this means for you :

Modern equipment technology / Our experts always adapt the standard manufacturing programme to the specific material requirements of our customers / Object dependencies programmed in the SAP R/3 supports us in determining the ideal manufacturing parameters / Data processing systems and a proven process organisation / Remote scanner systems are used to log the flow of material and support the in-house logistics / Modern techniques and experienced expert knowledge optimally complement each other / ....

01 Rohbandschere
01 Rohbandschere_a
02 Vorwalzen
02 Vorwalzen_a
04 Gluehen
04 Gluehen_a
05 Nachwalzen
05 Nachwalzen_a
06 Laengsteilen
06 Laengsteilen_a
06a Vergueten
06a Vergueten_a
07 Verpacken
07 Verpacken_a
08 Versand1
08 Versand1_a
10 Strehlen
10 Strehlen_a
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